Durand Jones & The Indications
School Assignment
Graphite + Digital
Objective: Create an Album Cover based on a band of choice. 
I first listened to Durand Jones and the Indications back in 2018-2019. Exploring music was a pastime and I had stumbled onto them through Apple Music’s algorithm. “Cruisin to the Park” is the first song I listened to. A melodic, entrancing and almost seductive song that lures the listener in. 
The band is noted for resurrecting 60’s-70’s soul/ r&b. They even have an album called “Inspiration Indications” where they collected songs that influenced their album “American Love Call”. 
There are five band members as of 2022. Durand Jones, the vocalist. Aaron Frazier, the drummer and vocalist as well. Blake Rhein, their drummer, Steve Okonski as the Organist and Micheal Montgomery as the Bassist. 

Eight thumbnails are sketched as a brainstorming activity. The director and artist work in tandem to select and remove designs. 
The approved thumbnails (right side) has the following elements: The band members faces, they're name, and other elements that symbolize the band's ambiance. 
Final Graphite drawing is made and transferred into photoshop for digital rendering. The final result is shown above. 

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