Coconut Sticky Rice
School Assignment
40 x 64 in / Acrylic on Canvas
"Coconut Sticky Rice" tell's the story of a chef who is grilling up Khao Lam, a Cambodian dessert that is made with sticky rice and coconut milk. The dessert draws in children and animals with its warm and subtle flavors.​​​​​​​
Small thumbnails were created to figure out the composition and placement of elements
Rough Sketch
Professor Danlin Zhang at MICA provided critique and tips on how to improve the composition, shape relationships, color, etc. 
Final Sketch
Progress Pictures
I started off with linework, then a Ultramarine Grisaille. I started applying washes of different colors and texture. After the washes, I pushed and pulled my values. Finally, I added some more textures and patterns. 

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