Words Beats & Life
Digital Illustration + Photo Manipulation + Graphic Design
Event detail: A group of about 4-6 youth aged 14-19 that spend a full-year training their writing and performance to compete at the annual Brave New Voices International Poetry Festival. Youth poets compete in quarterfinals, semifinals, and a grand finals to determine the team, and crown the Grand Slam Champion.
My job was to create a flier that represented the "energy" the event will have. 
I was provided four references to use and edit for the flier. After photo editing, a sketch of the illustration was made and approved on the first attempt. I immediately went to finalizing the lifework and filling them in with an established color palette. The director was happy with the result and wanted to use three other references for final flier options. 
Slamtastic 2022
After the first event, I was recommissioned to redesign the poster for 2022. The same process and imagery was desired with slight variation. This included the color, logo, and arrangement of elements and figures. 

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